2014-02-20 /// NEW RELEASE ///

KS009 Banyek - Commuter EP

2014-01-23 /// RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT ///

KS009 Banyek - Commuter EP
We send a warm welcome AndrĂ¡s Hargitai alias Banyek. The Budapest based producer joines the Klangschleife family with his fantastic and very deep Commuter EP which will be released on February 20, 2014. Here's a preview:

2014-01-06 /// NEW RELEASE ///

KS008 Basicnoise - Visitors EP
Incl. Schindling Dub-Noise-Ambient-Drone Rework and Convex Remix

2013-11-10 /// NEWS NEWS NEWS ///

From now on, Klangschleife is a netlabel. On the one hand our releases will still be available in the shops worldwide, on the other hand we've created a bandcamp account where you can download our tracks with "name your price" option. We want our music to be spread all over and we think this is the best way. We encourage you to share our music and use it in your sets or radioshows or videos or whatever. And if you do so, it would be appreciated if you let us know about that, just because we enjoy knowing that our music is being listened and played all around the world.

We celebrate the newest changes with a release from one of our first artists. Lo comes around with his Gray in May EP including two dubby tunes and remixes by F.L.O. and Basicnoie.
For prelistening just go to Releases and click play on the cover.

Check out this wonderful trippy video for the Basicnoise Remix made by Hannes Bunk.
Many thanks to all artists who worked on this release. Cheers, Peter

2013-01-17 /// RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT ///
KS006 F.L.O. - Time EP

Nowadays, life is all about time. Close your eyes, pause for a moment, press play and get lost. These really deep techno tracks are carrying Florian's clear and harmonious signature with much noise and a pleasant touch of oldschool.
KS006 F.L.O. - Time EP will be released on february 04, 2013. Here's a preview.

2012-08-31 /// RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT ///
Compilation Vol. 1

Noisy, deep and full of echoes. With KS005, Klangschleife presents a dubtechno compilation for all those lovers of deep electronic out there. With Christoph Schindling, F.L.O., Zzzzra, K.Fog, Basicnoise, Lo, Convex, John Ov3rblast and Lars Leonhard. So sit back and enjoy this journey through sound and time.
KS005 Various Artists - Compilation Vol. 1 will be released on september 28, 2012. Here's a preview.

2012-03-04 /// F.L.O. - Pleione EP ///

The next Klangschleife release is coming:

Noise, chords, echoes and phasers - the usual but perfect ingredients for dubtechno, well mixed together by the german producer Florian Gast aka F.L.O.
Basicnoise contributes with a long acid dubtech remix. We're proud to present this very hypnotic and dancable EP.
KS004 F.L.O. - Pleione EP will be released on march 31, 2012. Here's a preview.

2012-01-01 /// Basicnoise - Radium EP ///

Happy 2012 y'all! Let's start the new year with the announcement of the next Klangschleife release.

Basicnoise is back with some radioactive sounds. This time he returns to minimal roots and combines that feel with his dubtechno style. The Convex remix picks up the minimal motifs of the original and adds those typical dubtech chords. The last track takes you on a very positiv, floating, dubby journey.
KS003 Basicnoise - Radium EP is coming february 08, 2012. Here's a preview.

2011-11-09 /// New release ///

KS002 Lars Leonhard - Tibouchina/Pacific Ocean (incl. remixes by Basicnoise and Convex)

2011-10-08 /// The first release ///

KS001 Basicnoise - Sphex/Fate (including remixes by Zzzzra and Lo)